On an Act of Cruelty

First was the silence—hushed tones and whispered thoughts as snow drifted lazily through the chilly night air—then came the screams. One at first, soon accompanied by more, starting shrill and then ebbing off into long mournful cries of desperation. Wailing, howling, pleading to the night, the tones crescendoed one on top of another until a chorus of voices rung out through the half-empty parking lot, entrancing the few other souls who dared to look on the scene before them with unabashed curiosity.

             There stood, in the area from whence the screams arose, a woman clothed head to toe in black, no more than thirty, half hidden behind the police car she so vehemently tried to force herself upon. “You can’t do this!” she wailed as she tried yet again to reach her hands into the vehicle and grasp onto her belovedpossessions—her children. The tears so apparent in her voice were all but unseen on her face due to her fiercely matted hair and the protection of darkness around her. As the policemen restrained her arms and legs, a man much nearer to her began to scream and writhe in his own constraints, throwing himself away from his captors and begging for mercy. Their children’s screams were all that could be heard as they were finally dragged away.

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